Persian Bakhtiari Rug


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Semi-Antique Persian Bakhtiari

Size: 4'5"x 6'7"
Color: Indigo Blue field, Undyed wool border.
Pile Material: Wool pile on Cotton foundation
Manufacture: Handknotted
Country of Origin: Persia/Iran
Condition: Excellent 
Age: Semi-Antique 

 Design Considerations 

All over floral design, Persian Bakhtiari village of crisp, eye catching colors dramatically set on indigo blue field with a natural wool border. Excellent condition and quality. Likely all vegetal dyes. Undyed wool border.  Professionally cleaned  to exacting standards by Renaissance Rugs, ARCS member.  A remarkable rug! 

Within Iran, one of the most fascinating tribal groups is the Bakhtiari Tribe. Immortalized in the 1925 documentary, "Grass" by Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack , who would later create the seminal fantasy/sci-fi classic, "King Kong," the Bakhtiari tribe makes some of the most striking rugs. While only a small percentage Bakhtiari live the pastoral nomadic life of seasonal migration to winter and summer grazing lands, the three week trek over craggy hills, snow capped mountains and across icy rivers still inspires awe and respect. 

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