Dynamic Rugs Falcon 6800-999 Ivory/Grey/Blue/Red/Gold

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Dynamic Rugs 
Falcon 6800-999 Ivory/Grey/Blue/Red/Gold

Available in: 5-3 x 7-2, 7-10 x 10-6
All sizes by manufacturer approximate

Colors: Ivory/Grey/Blue/Red/Gold

Pile Material: 100% Polypropylene

Pile Height: 

Fringe: No

Manufacture Type: Machine

Country of Manufacture: Turkey

Manufactured by: Dynamic

Condition: Brand New (in original packaging)

Design Considerations

• Traditional Persian designs are modernized in this collection by use of subtle, yet captivating updates
• The pile is neither too high nor too low, nor too soft nor too rough, making it ideal for a high foot traffic area
• Beautiful trending colors of burgundy, gold, and navy give a fresh take to a timeless look’
• These rugs are durable, affordable, low maintenance, and easy-to-clean

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