Dynamic Rugs Unique 4053-130 Cream/Rust

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Dynamic Rugs 
Unique 4053-130 Cream/Rust

Available in:  5-3 x 7-7, 6-7 x 9-6, 7-10 x 10-10, 9-0 x 12-0
Note: All sizes listed as supplied by manufacturer are approximate. 

Colors: Cream/Rust

Pile Material: Shrink Polyester and Polyester

Pile Height: 

Fringe: No

Manufacture Type: Machine

Country of Manufacture: Turkey

Manufactured by: Dynamic

Condition: Brand New (in original packaging)

Design Considerations

• The distressed effect in Unique rugs creates a sense of boldness and refinement
• Unique rugs are as smooth and polished to the touch as they are to the eye
• With vibrant touches of color, Unique rugs manage to successfully walk the fine line between appearing time-worn and modern
• Unique is versatile for all high traffic areas

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