Rug Care

Rug Care Tips

1. Remember to periodically rotate your rug. This ensures more even wear and prolongs its life. 

2. Periodically, move furniture legs a couple of inches away from the impression spot on the rug.  This allows the rug to breathe and the fibers to recover.  If a heavy piece of furniture is allowed to sit for a long time, the weight of the furniture tends to crush the fibers underneath over time.  Casters are always a good idea.

3. If your rugs colors seem to have flattened out, try flipping the rug over and vacuuming the back. You can clean towards the fringes if you vacuum sideways; this way the ends of the rug are much less likely to get pulled up into the machine.

4. If you have rugs on landings, you should have a good pad. If the stairs are heavily traveled and the pad has lost grip or significant resiliency, consider getting a new pad.

5.  If you have direct light during the intense summer days, consider drawing the blinds to deflect the direct light. A summer of southern exposure may fade a rug.

6 If you have a plant on a rug… well, we recommend against it but if you do, make sure you have an impermeable basin underneath the plant.  Plastics degrade and crack and Terra Cotta pots may leach color under the rug. 

7. And last, if you have a portion of the rug covered by furniture, cool, and has little airflow, protect your rug from insects. Many container stores and big box stores have cedar blocks and oil you can purchase. You can also cache a couple of fistfuls of cedar chips from the local pet store and toss them into the questionable area.