Mutual Symbiosis in the Rug Industry

Mutual Symbiosis in the Rug Industry

January 02, 2022

In nature, mutual symbiosis is a relationship where everyone benefits in their interaction with each other. Most of us are familiar with the clown fish and sea anemone and the bees and flowers, but there are many examples.  Ants and aphids, Pistol shrimp and Goby fish, Wooly bats and Pitcher plants, coral and algae, Oxpeckers and crocodiles and other large mammals, and our favorite, the senita cactus and the senita moth all engage in successful mutual symbiotic relationships. There are many more.

With each of the these relationships, all participants benefits. The clown fish gets protection from predators and the sea anemone gets cleansed of parasites. Bees get pollen to make honey and the flowers are fertilized. Ants eat the sweet excretions secreted by aphids and the aphids get protection from predators. the Pistol shrimp with its notoriously poor eyesight gets lookout protection from the Goby and the Goby gets a nice secure place to live. 

For us at Rubicon Rugs, we want to help participate in further developing an environment where rug shoppers, in addition to adding a beautiful rug to their homes, can make a measurable and rewarding contribution. By offering quality brand-name rugs at the same prices as the Big Box stores and omnipresent online retailers and forwarding 10% of the rug purchase price to GoodWeave (, we hope that customers will seriously consider what shopping with us means. 

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