The necessity of a rug pad

The necessity of a rug pad

January 02, 2022

Why get a Pad?

It is sometimes tempting to forego adding on a rug pad when buying a rug. It is our belief that every rug should have a rug pad for a number of reasons, most importantly for safety. 

1) The rug pad keeps the rug from moving. No one wants to see a loved one slip on a rug. It is one of the biggest tripping hazards for older adults and new walkers and frankly, who wants the worry? 

2) A proper pad will slow the wear of the rug. Rugs pad reduce the impact of foot traffic and provide support for the rug. The cumulative impact of crushing by stepping on a rug is lessened by a pad. The extra resiliency of a pad slows the wear and tear on the rug. 

3) A proper rug pad will protect the floor's finish. 

3)  A low profile rug will feel more comfortable and luxurious underfoot with a pad underneath. 

4) Pets typically do not like walking or laying on hard surface and gravitate towards a comfy proximate place while enjoying your company. Older dogs with tender arthritic joints have mobility issues and a pad eases their discomfort.

We recommend paying a little more for a pad that doesn't image onto the flooring finish. A cheap pad made from the wrong materials can chemically interact with your flooring surface, leaving you with the major headache of refinishing the floor. 

Lastly, get the right pad for your rug and floor surface. Ask us, we're happy to help.


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