Mission Statement

Mission Statement

September 02, 2021

Mission Statement

We believe that a mutually symbiotic business model where all parties benefit from engagement is more than a quixotic experiment doomed to failure. We believe that consumers want to contribute to positive change in a measurable way and that it is not the consumers’ burden to pay more to do so. So we’ve altered the equation. Whereas in the past the rug producer has received the least recompense and the rug seller has received the most, now, the rug seller will return a portion of the gains to the producer through credible, long standing organizations established for their benefit.


  1. We have selected an array of affordable and attractive rugs from leading rug companies (in alphabetic order) like:  Amer, Concord Global, Couristan, Dynamic Rugs, Loloi, Oriental Weavers, SAMS International, Surya and United Weavers.*
  2. We offer them at the same sale prices of the Big-Box stores and other high visibility on-line retail platforms.
  3. Upon confirmation of final sale, we will forward 10% of every rug sold to  GoodWeave, a world leader in the fight to stop illegal child labor.
  4. After receipt of the donation, GoodWeave will send an acknowledgement confirming receipt to the consumer.

We believe that people want to make a difference and just need an opportunity to do so.

Thank you.


Rubicon Rugs

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