Bakhtiari Garden Panel Rug


Persian "Chahar Shotur" Bakhtiari Rug

Size: 4'5"x 6'7"
Color: Multi
Pile Material: Wool pile on Cotton foundation
Manufacture: Handknotted
Country of Origin: Persia/Iran
Condition: Excellent 
Age: Semi-Antique ~1940s

Design Considerations:

Bakhtiari garden panel design rug from mid 1940s likely from Kurdish village of Chahar Shotur (Persian: Four Camels) in Chahar Mahal area of province ~ 60 miles southeast of Isfahan. Eye catching, richly saturated, vegetal-dyed colors in "kishti " or compartment design rows of interlinked cartouches. Peter Stone, peer-respected expert for his contributions to rug literature, asserts that "the motif derives from a group of Persian Compartment designs of the 16th century,"* highlighting the enduring nature and appeal to artisans of this attractive and unusual design. 
Cheery, artisan-grade rug of gold banded alternating motifs and colors framed with striking ivory main border. Further woven testimony of the artistic talents of Kurdish weavers' masterful use of color and design skills.

Thank you.

* Tribal and Village Rugs, Peter F. Stone, page 240.