Art Deco/Nichols Era Chinese Rug


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Art Deco/Nichols Era Chinese Rug

Colors: Deep Coral/Blush
Size: 2-11 x 4-8
Pile Material: 100% lustrous Wool on cotton foundation
Manufacture Type: Handknotted
Country of Origin: China

Design Considerations

Stunningly beautiful Nichols/Art Deco Era rug with thick iridescent wool pile. Professionally cleaned by ARCS accredited member. Tetrachromats beware! Different light draws out different tones. We make it a point to capture color as accurately as possible with minimal adjustments on any rug we photograph. However, we have our limitations.  Catching the shifting color dynamics of a well-dyed rug made with quality wools is a frustrating challenge. Regardless, one of our favorites.

Thank you.