Antique Persian Hamadan Rug


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Antique Persian Hamadan Rug

Colors: Navy field/ Red border
Size: 2'8" x 3'9"
Materials: Wool pile on Cotton foundation
Condition: Good. Ivory areas have some low pile. 
Age: Antique

Design Considerations

Professionally Cleaned By Renaissance Rugs (ARC member).

Along with being single wefted, woven on a cotton foundation, and knotted with the symmetrical knot, most Hamadan rugs are geometric or rectilinear in format ,i.e, 45º or 90º angles and employ variations of the Herati design.

After OCM established operations around 1911 in the city of Hamadan, ever industrious and enterprising denizens from surrounding communities facilitated a home based cottage industry weaving small format rugs in villages around with the city of Hamadan serving as entrepot. Woven during the off season and as time was available, Hamadan rugs a peak were made in ~1500 different villages with characteristic design, colors, and weaves. Previously overshadowed by palatial magnificent workshop rugs,  Hamadan rugs have enjoyed a reassessment and are now appreciated as an example of indigenous expression similar to Native American rugs and blankets.  Older Hamadan rugs woven during the Neo-Classical period, most often made with natural dyes and quality wool, offer uniqueness and affordability, and with the world downsizing, allow for placement in a host of areas with their smaller format. 

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