Dynamic Rugs Mood 8469-999 Multi

$419.99 $679.99

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 Dynamic Rugs 
Mood  8469-999 Multi   

Available in:  5-3 x 7.7, 6-7 x 9-6, 7-10 x 10-8, 9 x 12-7
For Oversize 9 x 12-7 add $75 for freight charges. 
Note: All sizes listed as supplied by manufacturer are approximate. 

Colors: Multi   

Pile Material: Space-Dyed Polyester and Shrink Polyester

Pile Height: 

Fringe: No

Manufacture Type: Machine

Country of Manufacture: Turkey

Manufactured by: Dynamic

Condition: Brand New (in original packaging)

Design Considerations

Mood shows traditional design combined with modern technique creates structural and visual interest. Soft feel and subtle texture establish an attractive and inviting environment. Romantic hues of blue, grey and mauve p soon!

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