Persian Borchalu Mat


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Persian Borchalu Mat 

Main Colors: Ivory/Red
Size: 3'5" x 3'7"
Materials: Wool pile on Cotton foundation
Condition: Excellent. Professionally Cleaned By Renaissance Rugs (ARC member)
Age: ~40yrs

Rug Description

Along with being single wefted, woven on a cotton foundation, and knotted with the symmetrical knot, most Hamadan rugs are geometric or rectilinear in format ,i.e, 45º or 90º angles. There just isn't enough knot density for the fluidity that floral rugs demand. But, there are always exceptions to the rules, and Borchalu rugs are one of the few that attempt and achieve a convincing floral look within the Hamadan family of rugs. Additionally, typical cottage industry Hamadan size is as a "Dozar," or rather around 4'6" x 7' size. This little gem's unusual mat size and ivory and red color combination along with its condition make it a little more interesting than the standard fare.


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