Oriental Weavers Torrey 7150h Beige/ Blue

$159.00 $319.00

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Oriental Weavers 
Torrey 7150h
Beige/ Blue

Sizes available: 5-3 x 7-3, 6-7 x 9-2, 7-10 x 10-0, 9-10 x 12-10

For oversized 9’-10” by 12’-10" add $75 for freight charges.
Note: All sizes listed as supplied by manufacturer are approximate.

Pile Material: Polypropylene

Pile Height: @ .25 inch

Fringe: No

Manufacture Type: Machine Made

Country of Origin: Egypt

Manufactured by: Oriental Weavers

Condition: Brand New (in original packaging)

Main Colors: 

 Design Considerations

The unique construction of our new Torrey collection features both flatwoven and loop textures giving the line a tactile hand and interesting surface texture. The patterned loop pile in tri-colored shades of deep marine blue, dark charcoal and soft gray pops on the flatwoven base which is a beautiful, light neutral shade of soft platinum. Torrey designs range from classic border and stripe styles to updated medallions as well as global looks and more modern abstract pieces.

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